About Dann Fong

If somehow you are looking for my professional site or blog, I have no idea how you got here but click here to get to Dann Fong's professional site.

I normally don't like writing about myself. And especially not in the third person. But I need the keywords so if you'll forgive me here we go!

Dann has several interests in life. And this is his personal space in simply providing his thoughts on different interests that he has. May it be about family or relationships, FOOD :), current issues, cycling or biking, professional wrestling and other sports, and more. For Dann's professional blog, that's a different place. See, Dann tries as much as possible to separate his personal and professional lives.

So basically this is just a place for Dann Fong to simply write about things and what not. Musings if you will. But maybe ramblings. Yes. Dann Fong thinks that works. This is a place where Dann rambles on about different things he finds interesting. Welcome to

Dann's Space. Personal Ramblings of Dann Fong.