My Ho Chi Minh City Experience Part 1 – Why I am Excited about Ho Chi Minh City

I have a special place in my heart for Ho Chi Minh City. For Saigon. Not just because of its rustic elegance. Or its delicious food. Or its warm and welcoming people. But because of all these and many more experiences that the city has given me.

The first time I heard about Ho Chi Minh City was through the Discovery Channel. It was a documentary film about the Vietnam War. It chronicled the history of the name change from Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City.

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I Can’t Believe I had Kobe Beef in Kobe

When people hear Kobe, normally they’d think of one of the all-time best basketball players to wear a Lakers’ uniform, Kobe Bryant. For me however, I think “moooooo”.

Kobe is a city in Japan, the 6th largest in the country (trivia!). The city is relatively known for its hot springs which are especially helpful against the cold since the city lies by the foot of Mount Maya and Mount Rokko. The city is also known for sites such as Ikuta Shrine and Kobe Port Tower. But you might have heard of something else which made this city so popular: wagyu beef.

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New Bike to Work Blog

I have recently decided to separate my Bike to Work blog here and is now called Dann’s Bike to Work Blog. I made this decision so that I can create a better brand and persona for this blog which makes it easier for me to share it.

Keeping my bike to work experiences in my personal blog, I started to have my reservations because other materials here are not interesting or relevant to my target audience. By separating it, I can concentrate on this personal blog as a way to keep track of my personal experiences and I can use Dann’s Bike to Work Blog to advocate biking to work.

Keep professional things professional, personal things personal, and advocacy as an advocacy.

Hope you support my Bike to Work Blog and I can help you become a bike commuter as well.

Getting to the Office after Biking

As  I mentioned in my Bike to Work post, I’ve been biking to work since 2013. Ever since then, I can no longer imagine taking the daily commute to work. I have also become an advocate of it trying to convince people to do so as well if I know they can do it anyway. But in all of that time, there’s one common question I get about biking to work: What do you do once you get to the office?

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A Travel of Firsts

March 12, 2017 was a pretty significant date for me. It was the first time in a decade to ride a plane and experience a different country. And it was the first time I traveled with my future wife. Aaaand it was my first “business travel”.

Back in 1993 was the first time I went to Hong Kong. I was a very little kid back then so I have very vivid memories of it. Although I do know I thoroughly enjoyed it as evident with the pictures. And yes, that’s a shark by my head…

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The Golden Rules of Bike Commuting

I’ve been biking to work for the good part of 7 years now and I’ve been cycling for more than 20 years total. In all those years, I would always share the road with other vehicles. Of course this is especially true when I bike to work. With that, here are some of the most important things to remember when bike commuting and sharing the road with cars, vans, trucks, and more!

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I Love Noodles

One of my favorite dishes is a good plate or bowl of noodles. Now there are a lot of types from different countries such as beef noodle soup from Taiwan, stir fried noodles, pancit in the Philippines, ramen from Japan, spaghetti from Italy, and many more (strange how different countries have the same ideas even without contact with each other, right?)!

I’ve had my fair share of noodles from different places and I don’t have a clear favorite. It all depends on my mood or the weather on which one I like the best. Like a nice steaming bowl of noodle soup on a rainy day or cold soba with tempura for lunch.

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Buttered Steak with Onions and Garlic

I love food. A lot. I’ll try anything at least once and I am always on the look out for great food. Sometimes though, I try to make them too. I’m light years away from professional chefs or my mom, but I try my best.

Today I just want to feature a guilty pleasure of both me and my future wife: buttered steak sauteed in garlic and onions.

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Biking around Metro Manila – The 8 City Ride

One of my personal favorite rides, especially on Sunday mornings, is to do my 8 city ride around Metro Manila. There’s multiple reasons why I do this:

  1. I bike to work. So this is a good practice for urban biking and getting to know the different roads and routes around the cities.
  2. Since it’s Sunday morning, there’s a lot less cars around and you can actually enjoy your ride.
  3. The total length is similar to riding out into the province especially the likes of Pililia, but I feel a bit more complacent since I’m alone and if I experience a mechanical failure, I can easily find shops around to help me. Kinda hard if you’re along and get a bad break in the middle of Rizal.

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Biking to Work

I’ve been working since 2008. My first office job was in Makati. So far I’ve also worked in Eastwood, Mandaluyong and BGC. And I live in Marikina City. So the commute has always been terrible. It’s expensive and the traffic is just terrible.

So since 2013, I opted to bike to work at the urging of a former workmate. There were a few of them biking to work when I arrived in that office and they all said it was rewarding. As an avid biker since I was a kid, the thought was very interesting.

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